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Natalie Mak

Natalie Mak

Millennium City 5, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


Movement is crucial for Natalie, like fuel for her life. She originally pursued a career as a professional dancer. But the intensity of the work wore out her body and eventually left her with multiple permanent physical injuries. Though not severe, it was a wake-up call for Natalie to sift through her work-life balance. She figured out that she wanted to live a carefree and joyful life. To achieve that, one must cultivate a substantial container for one’s soul. She then asked herself: “How to nurture a body with flexibility and resilience to stress?”. The experience opened a pathway to yoga in 2018. Natalie had her first Yin Yoga lesson at PURE Yoga, where she discovered the restorative side of body movement – and it was monumental for her relationship with her own body. She gradually shifted from ‘using’ her body like a tool to treating it as her soul's vessel. Yoga has created a sanctuary for her to listen deeply and respond gently to her body. The process has expanded her understanding and perspective of movement, anatomy and energy. She became more and more flexible and explorative with her mind and soma. Yoga has also improved Natalie’s personality. By slowing down, her short temperament has improved. She became more open and receiving and found her physique responding with flexibility and endurance. The connection between body and mind has strengthened her belief in Yoga as a holistic practice. And so, she went on to complete her first Yoga training in 2019: ‘Evolve Yourself Counter Flow: Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training with Marcus Leung (200 hours)’. Natalie’s teaching is beginner-friendly and accessible to all levels. She embraces and respects all bodies in the firm belief that yoga is a universal practice. She looks forward to progressing with her students and growing together. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • 50-hour Yoga Wheel Teacher Training with Amarjit Kumar, 2022 • Spinning Hammock Dance L2 Teaching Training with TT Fly, 2022 • 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2021 • Spiritual Restructuring Therapy by Spiritual Response Association, 2021 • Spiritual Response Therapy by Spiritual Response Association (Advanced), 2020 • 30-hour Aerial Yoga Teaching Training with Toby Siu, 2020 • Himalayan Singing Bowls 1 & 2 by Allpamama, 2019-2020 • Evolve Yourself Counter Flow: Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training with Marcus Leung (200 hours), 2019 • OM & OTTO Tuning Fork Healing by Re-mind workshop, 2019 • Spiritual Response Therapy by Spiritual Response Association – (Basic), 2016 • Crystal Energy Course L1 with Krize Chow, 2014 What Natalie teaches • Hatha • Healing • Hot • Vinyasa • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga Therapy