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Claire Ng

Claire Ng

Fitness - Suntec City, Suntec City, Singapore


Claire was generally very active when she was young, having joined dance at the age of seven and frequenting free Pilates workout guides on YouTube. But after the onset of a hormonal autoimmune disease, she gained a lot of weight (12kg) and suffered many side effects like heart palpitations and immense fatigue. The extreme weight gain in a very short period really brought out a lot of Claire’s internalised body insecurities and highlighted how important health is. She was never able to shed off the excess weight no matter how extremely she dieted or exercised until she started to repair her relationship with food and her body. Claire started weight training out of curiosity, and it changed her entire perspective on fitness. She hopes to impart her views on not discriminating against food (no food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’) to encourage those around her to reject the diet mentality and the idea that only a slim physique is desirable on a woman – being strong is extremely attractive too! Qualification Highlights: • NASM-CPT • CPR-AED Final Thought: If you need extra motivation to move your body today, focus on how you will feel after your workout. I personally have never felt bad after a workout, only feeling bad on days I didn’t move (excluding rest days!). Motion is lotion, folks! What Claire Trains • Metabolic Specialist (weight loss/gain) • Weightlifting Claire's Other Specialties • Dance