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Daphne Cheong

Daphne Cheong

Asia Square Tower 2, Marina Bay, Singapore


Starting out as a dedicated hot yoga practitioner in 2012, Daphne's yoga journey has been one of rediscovering and reconnecting with herself, bringing about balance, clarity, and peace both on and off the mat. She has since embarked on multiple trainings with teachers such as Arun Rana, Copper Crow, Sandy Shum, Jason Crandell and Wendy Chan. Daphne brings an unmistakable uplifting energy to the classes she teaches. She finds joy in sharing her practice and helps practitioners build a mindful practice, developing both physical and mental muscles. Daphne’s passion for teaching and learning extends beyond yoga. She is also a Learning & Development professional and an organisational coach by day. When she's not at work or on the mat, Daphne can be found underwater or dreaming up her next diving adventure! QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Seeds, 2021 • 30-hour CET Alignment Matters with Sandy, PURE Yoga, 2021 • 30-hour CET Restorative Yoga, Laughing Lotus NYC, 2019 • 30-hour CET Yoga Therapy with Arun, PURE Yoga, 2017 • Mastering The Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing with Jason Crandell, PURE Yoga, 2017 • 200-hour Roots of Hatha Yoga with Arun and Prakash, PURE Yoga, 2016 • 50-hour CET Hot Yoga with Copper Crow, PURE Yoga, PURE Yoga, 2015