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Mohamed Touré

Mohamed Touré

Fitness - Asia Square Tower 1, Marina Bay, Singapore


Touré was a chubby kid that was always picked last on the playground, bullied by other kids, and slow with poor reflexes. All this made him very insecure about his body to the point of hating himself for being this way. So Touré started boxing at around 10 years old, primarily to keep the bullies at bay. Unfortunately, his mother put a stop to it as it was a bit violent. He later started practising karate and football, not out of love for sports but more out of necessity – especially because football is the number one sport in Africa. Finally at the age of 13, Touré got to travel, and this led him to Cuba in Central America, where he found basketball whilst studying at the French School. He has continued to play since then and thanks to basketball, he discovered the gym and its many benefits for athletes. Fast forward a few years, Touré returned to Africa where he continued playing and became good enough to make the National Basketball Team (junior) tryouts. But once again, his mother had other plan for him – to study abroad in Malaysia and make education his priority. With fitness having always been a part of his life, little wonder that Touré was the captain of his university basketball team for 4 years. After his studies, he worked for a gymnastics club for kids and was a P.E and in-class teacher for a private school. Touré cannot imagine life without fitness and the older he gets, the more, he feels connected to it. Qualification Highlights: • Physical Education Teacher • Gymnastic Assistant • The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Basketball Captain for 4 years Final Thought: Living a fit life is not a sprint but rather a marathon. With this in mind, always try to find new ways to adapt, grow and better yourself whenever and wherever you are. What Touré Trains • Body-Building/ Figure Competition • Endurance Sport (running/triathlon etc) • Metabolic Specialist (weight loss/gain) • Prehab / Post Injury • Speed, Agility, Quickness • Weightlifting