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Hanney Yung

Hanney Yung

ifc mall, Central, Hong Kong


Hanney started his fitness journey at the mere age of 16. He discovered many health benefits from working out and showed specific interests in body fitness and bodybuilding. At 18, Hanney participated in two bodybuilding competitions. He has faced and overcame many difficulties as a trainee during his coaching life. He uses his experience to tailor customised coaching to improve his clients’ lifestyles. Qualification Highlights: • Bronze Pro Personal Trainer Certification, IPTFA • Certified ProBar Mobility Trainer • German 4D PRO® Certificate • Fasciotomy Therapy Certificate • Boxing Professional Certificate, International Boxing Federation • Slackfit Certificate, Rope Sports Foundation What Hanney Trains • Body-Building/ Figure Competition • Prehab / Post Injury • Speed, Agility, Quickness • Strongman/ Strength Sport • Weightlifting