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Fiona Cheng

Fiona Cheng

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Standing for long periods combined with congenital varicose veins led Fiona to a variety of physical disorders. So when she was introduced to yoga in 2006, the release that she found in Savasana made her fall in love with the 5,000-year-old ancient art. She discovered how yoga relaxes body and mind, constant training rebuilds muscle memory yet keeps the body focused, sharp and meticulous. This memory and awareness permeated her life most positively. In 2008, Fiona met her two enlightened teachers Bill Arce and Lance Schuler. These two mentors led her through the door of yoga that sparked her journey of spiritual practice. Since her path began as both a yogi and a yoga teacher, Fiona understood that practice is not only possible in a quiet forest but also in a noisy city. As teaching assistant to her mentors for 4 years, she studied and trained continuously. She participated in the workshops of Jhon Tamayo, Duncan Wong, Ananta Sylvain Girard, Glenn, Vivien and Sudhakar. In 2019, she encountered JANI – a teacher who said that yoga is not to lead us where we go but to let us meet ourselves! An Aries, Fiona naturally loves adventure and exploring diverse sports such as crossfit, dance, Thai boxing, skiing, horse riding, diving and sailing. She is an ASA American Sailing Association certified sailor who has sailed the Indian Ocean and the Pacific China Sea! Because of her exposure to various sports, she has been deeply involved in the sports rehabilitation system and has acute insight into the symptoms and corresponding chronic diseases of the muscles and vertebra. With more than ten thousand hours of teaching experience, she specialises in private physiotherapy classes. Fiona will often say, "Never too late to learn" and "Never stop being curious about the world." Yoga is a way of life, an attitude of life. Whether it is the asana on the mat or the awareness off the mat, yoga is everywhere in her life. She feels grateful to everything in her life, the people she has met, the enlightenment she has received. She knows that spiritual practice is a long road, and she devotes herself to carrying on the spirit of yoga. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • ISF International Registered Exercise Rehabilitation Tutor, 2021 • ISF International Registered Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist, 2020 • Certification of Malaysia GOKUL HATHA JANI RYT 200 Hours Teacher Training Course, 2019-2020 • Certification of RYT 50 Hours Training Course of Rocket at MANI Yoga Academy, 2019 • Certification of Chengdu Yoga Therapy for Personal Training XIAOCAN Workshop at BECK Yoga, 2019 • Certification of RYT 18 Hours Australia GLENN Iyengar Yoga, 2014 • Certification of RYT 84 Hours Ayurvedic Yoga ANANTA SYLVAIN GIRARD Training Course at Indian Institute of AYM-ARYM, 2014 • Certification of RYT 200 Hours and 300 Hours Inspya LANCE Group Teacher Training Assistant Teacher, 2010 Certification of RYT 120 Hours BILL ARCE Hot Yoga Teacher Training Assistant Teacher, 2010 • Certification of RYT Initial 500 Hours LANCE Group International Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, 2009 • Certification of RYT 17 Hours ATMANANDA Yoga Sequence, 2008 • Certification of RYT 65 Hours BILL ARCE Flow Yoga Teacher Training and 65 Hours Hot Yoga Teacher Training, 2008 • Registered Teacher of USA Yoga Alliance E-RYT200 • Completion of three Level III 500 RYS Asia Advanced Teacher Training Assistant • Above 8,000 Hours Yoga Teaching experience certified by Pan-Pacific Area Inspya Yoga Institution What Fiona teaches • Alignment • Core • Hot • Rocket Yoga • Vinyasa • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga Therapy

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