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Wifi Fu

Wifi Fu

SH Century Link, Shanghai, Hong Kong


WiFi comes from Henan Province, where a movie in the ‘80s (Shaolin Temple) influenced his parents' generation. Having seen his father practice martial arts since childhood, WiFi obsessively begged his father to teach him. It wasn't until 2009 when he was in college that he realised this was what he wanted to do and started his yoga journey. WiFi is young and energetic, sincere and funny, diligent and persistent. His classes are strict and lively, his voice and cues are clear and appealing. WiFi obtained the National Public Dietitian Certification in 2012, and he is also a faithful Ashtanga practitioner. In 2015, he completed a first-class certification of Air Yoga with Ms. Wan Ying. In 2016, WiFi met a very important mentor in his life — David Kyle. David is sincere, uncomplicated and charming, which WiFi very much identifies with and is willing to follow. The rocket system that David taught is inclusive, encouraging and creative. He guided WiFi in completing the Rocket Flow Yoga 500TTC, and WiFi was recognised and blessed by his teacher. He participated in David's Rocket TTC and was part of the faculty for three consecutive years, finally becoming authorised to hold his own workshops. WiFi is currently one of the core instructors of Rocket Yoga China Center. Qualification Highlights • RYT500 • E-RYT500 • Rocket Yoga 500 • YA(美联盟)ID:307446 What WiFi teaches • Ashtanga • Core • Rocket Yoga • Vinyasa • Yin

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