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Hugh Zhu

Hugh Zhu

Shanghai Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Hugh’s father is a big kung fu fan. Influenced by his father, Hugh started kickboxing training since he was a little boy. The many years of training added persistence to Hugh’s outgoing character. As a sport full of tension, kick-boxing requires not only strong muscles but also a quick mind. The competitiveness and confrontation that kickboxing brings has no comparison. Long-term training and learning together with countless competitions have made Hugh love this sport even more and provided him with the experience to coach in a scientific and effective way. Hugh never stops improving his skills. Hugh hopes that more people can feel the beauty of kick-boxing through his teaching and hopes that they can enhance their physical condition whilst enjoying every minute with him during the class. Qualification Highlights: • NASM Certified Personal Trainer • Longling Fight (LYF) 60kg Champion, 2018 • Shijiazhuang Kunlun Fight 60kg Champion, 2018 • Peng Cheng Wu Lin 60kg Champion, 2018 • Hero Legends 60kg Champion, 2018 • Zhanji World Kick Boxing 60kg 2nd Runner-up, 2017 • Participated in Hong Kong KF1, 2016 • Wang Zhe Hui Meng 58kg Champion, 2016 • Shenyang Sanda Tournament 56kg Champion, 2014 Final Thought: It may be difficult to transform yourself, but you will get a better self in the end. What Hugh Trains • Kickboxing / Boxing • Other MMA