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Aimee Cui

Aimee Cui

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Aimee will always remember her first yoga class in 2011, when she was very weak with low immunity and suffered from mild anorexia. Poor cardiac condition made her unable to do strenuous exercise. At that time, she knew nothing about yoga but considering her health and doctor’s suggestion, she started to practise yoga. After a month of regular and uninterrupted practice, Aimee experienced tremendous change. She could eat a small amount of normal food and her eczema caused by low immunity gradually decreased. She gained a lot of strength and has become attached to and fallen in love with yoga. In 2012, Aimee took on a clerical job involving endless contracts and bidding documents and became very exhausted. After six months and with serious health problems, she resigned. By continuing to practise yoga and meditation, she didn’t have palpitations anymore. Aimee attended her first teacher training in 2013 and decided to become a yoga teacher to share yoga with more people in need. During her years of study and practice, Aimee feels that Shiva Rea was the teacher who inspired her the most and got her deeply interested in energy flow. She believes that flow practice is free and can be integrated with nature, just like wind in the mountain or running water in the stream. The flow of energy is like a complete circle – like the four seasons – a constant cycle of repetition. Life is also like this, as is yoga practice. Aimee’s classes are gentle and fluid but also gradual in-depth journeys to reach the peak, allowing the body to progressively open up. Emphasis is placed on safety and alignment and collaboration of breath and asanas. She chooses different variations of asana according to the practitioner’s level. Aimee is patient and approachable, always giving positive encouragement and helping to solve problems. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • 80-hr Prana Flow Certification with Shiva Rea • 50-hr Rocket Flow Certification with Pablo • 100-hr Flow Yoga Certification with Jinsong Ren • 50-hr Hansa Physiotherapy Flow Yoga Certification with Vincent Bolletta • Pre-natal and Post-natal Conditioning • 100-hr Hatha Yoga Intermediate Teacher Certification • 200-hr Hatha Yoga Junior Teacher Certification WHAT AIMEE TEACHES • Core • Hatha • Healing • Hot • Restorative • Rocket yoga • Vinyasa • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga therapy