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Rice Fan

Rice Fan

SH Central Plaza, Shanghai, Hong Kong


As a former professional athlete for 9 years, Rice understands that safety the most important thing during training and how injuries can devastate one’s life, so she’s very keenly aware of this during training. Becoming a personal trainer has been very gratifying for Rice because she can help people effectively achieve their goal and gain better overall health. Rice also hopes that she can inspire more people to start exercising and make fitness a part of their life! Qualification Highlights: • ACE Certified Personal Traine 美国运动委员会认证 • 3HFIT&Topgun Elite PT Program Topgun精英私教必修课程 • Basic Life Support 基础生命支持 • 赛普全能私人教练专家认证 • 国际级运动健将 • 《超级妈妈》下肢功能认证 • TRX STC (Suspension Training Course) Level 1 • 2009年速度轮滑世锦赛冠军 • 3HFIT 呼吸和灵活稳定性训练认证 • CBBA高级专业健身教练 Final Thought: It's not hard to start, it's hard to stick to it. We often think that success comes too slowly, but in fact, we give up too early. What Rice Trains • Body-Building/ Figure Competition • Metabolic Specialist (weight loss/gain)