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Hema Ma

Hema Ma

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Since childhood, Hema has been keen in sports such as martial arts, swimming and ballet. But it wasn’t until 2009 that he walked into a yoga classroom for the first time and completed a traditional Hatha yoga practice that he realised this dynamic meditation of both movement and stillness was the treasure his heart had been searching for. From then on, he began to explore the life journey of yoga. In 2010, Hema completed his first systematic training at an authoritative traditional Hatha Yoga school in China and stayed to teach, becoming a qualified Yoga instructor. Combining his mastery of the yoga knowledge system and more than three years of personal meditation experience, Hema has guided many students to also become excellent Yoga teachers. In his three years with Hemash, a disciple of India’s famous spiritual master Ramana Maharshi, he witnessed and learned how to help people solve physical problems and even mental diseases through yoga. He learned that yoga is not only a kind of self-practice to strengthen the body but also a natural therapy to cultivate robust health. After five years of research, training and teaching all over the country, he established effective methods to alleviate shoulder, neck, lumbar and other issues whilst continuing to accumulate knowledge. Hema has always followed the teaching principle that yoga is dynamic meditation, guiding people to obtain inner peace and joy from asana practice. His class is humorous and vibrant. His 13 years of music studies have made him adept at controlling the rhythm of a yoga class. He makes each class challenging by demonstrating and teaching various postures but also easy and interesting with his guidance of simple exercises that touch the subtle level of the human body. It is Hema’s greatest wish and prayer to bring health and happiness to more people through yoga. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • Yoga Teacher Certification, Beijing Bodybuilding Association, 2019 • PhysioYoga Therapy Levels I and II Certification with Hemash, India, 2016 & 2017 • 200-hr Traditional Hatha Teacher Training Certification with Hemash, India, 2015 • 50-hr Energy Flow Training with Gilbert Ng & Huang Kailiang, Malaysia, 2014 • 30-hr Iyengar Training with Rajvi Mehta, India, 2013 • 500-hr Traditional Hatha Teacher Training Certification with Mohan, India, 2010-2012 • Meditation study, Fayuan Temple, Beijing, 2007-2009 WHAT HEMA TEACHES Advanced Hatha Hot Vinyasa Yin Yin Yang