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Vicky Wang

Vicky Wang

SH Xintiandi, Shanghai, Hong Kong


The pressure of studying was suffocating for Vicky. Having always been sporty and active, Vicky wanted to find a way to relax more. Encouraged by her language teacher, she tried her first ever yoga class. Vicky found every movement interesting and enjoyable and discovered a particular focus during yoga practice. After a year, she experienced great changes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Vicky says: "Yoga is like a sunbeam, shining warmly in the heart. So, there's no reason for me not to stick with yoga. " Vicky initially thought that yoga was just about flexibility, like winding one’s legs around the back of the neck. But lacking the strength that yoga requires, Vicky was in pain after the first class. Teacher Lance told her that yoga is not only flexible but also powerful. Yoga is balance. Besides the balance of the body, there is also the balance of the heart. Inspired by her mentor, Vicky began to reflect on her practice. Vicky's teaching style is quite rigorous, focusing on details and methods of teaching. She emphasises how everyone is a unique individual and that we should respect our differences to ensure more effective practice. Vicky's class is filled with rhythm and emotion – rhythm being the soul of the class and emotion being the connection with each student. Qualifications • Hatha 200-hour certification • Hot Yoga Instructor Certification • RYS500h certification, American Yoga Association • Universal Yoga 300-hour certification • Rocket Yoga 150-hour certification • INSPYA (Integrated South Pacific Yoga Academy) Tutor certification

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