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Daisy Lin

Daisy Lin

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Before joining the fitness industry in 2016, Daisy was a high school chemistry teacher and professional jazz singer. She began her career as an instructor after discovering how much joy she could bring her participants through group fitness. Daisy began competing in Les Mills The One from 2020 to 2022, consecutively placing in the top 5 for RPM every year. In 2022, Daisy clinched 2nd place in RPM and achieved a 7th overall placement in the Grand Final amongst the country’s leading Les Mills instructors. Following these efforts, she was chosen as a presenter for Les Mills China. Daisy’s “art vs. science” fitness philosophy is grounded in her kinesiology-based approach of coaching her members through safe and effective human movement, as well as cultivating gratification, fun, and a sense of achievement for all who join her classes. Qualification highlights • 2016 - RPM™ Presenter • 2017 - BODYPUMP™ AIM1 • 2017 - BODYBALANCE™ certified • 2017 - SH’BAM™ certified • 2019 - BODYATTACK™ certified • 2019 - BODYJAM™ certified • 2020 - THE TRIP™ Presenter • 2020 - Rumble Roller certified • 2021 - Kettlebell 1 certified • 2022 - Polestar Pilates Reformer certified • 2022 - TRX Yoga certified • 2023 - BODYCOMBAT™ certified What Daisy Teaches • BODYATTACK • BODYBALANCE • BODYCOMBAT • SH'BAM • BODYJAM • BODYPUMP • RPM • THE TRIP • FUZE • TABATA • POWER ABS • CIRCUIT BLITZ • ROLLER RELEASE • PILATES REFORMER Personal Interests: Lifting, singing, and baking

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