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Kellen Shoemaker

Kellen Shoemaker

Asia Standard Tower, Central, Hong Kong


Kellen's yoga journey began in 2013, as a former gymnast and Division I University Cheerleader in Miami. Kellen initially approached yoga as a way to maintain flexibility and strength. What she discovered were many more layers to the practice that left her feeling calmer, and at more ease — both physically and mentally. Since then, her practice was never the same and she was introduced to the teachers Dylan DiPrima and Anjan Kundu who would influence her yoga journey. It was in 2015 while living in Chicago that Kellen met her teacher Dylan DiPrima and began teaching under his guidance and invaluable mentorship. From Dylan, Kellen learned the foundations of power yoga, intelligent sequencing, and perhaps the greatest lesson - the practice of living yoga, on and off the mat. Dylan once imparted the words “yoga is the marriage between strength and grace”, words that continue to guide her practice. In 2016, Kellen took her first class with Anjan Kundu at PURE Yoga in Hong Kong. Anjan opened Kellen’s eyes to the practice of Hatha Yoga and the subtle alignment of each asana and its physical and mental benefits. Practicing under Anjan, Kellen was inspired to understand the ways in which different styles of yoga can compliment one another. Kellen is deeply grateful to her teachers and the knowledge that they have shared. Kellen’s classes are rooted in alignment, mindful breath and movement. She believes these give a heightened inner awareness for the transformational effects of yoga. Her teachings emphasize functional movements which support long term mobility and grounding. Kellen supports students in developing a regular yoga practice to continually promote growth and harness new challenges. Yoga Education 2016 - Advanced Teaching Training with Linnea Boulger (55 hrs) 2015 - Yoga Teacher Training with Dylan DiPrima (200 hrs)

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