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How to sign in as PURE Cardholder?
  • If you visit PURE Online through the PURE360 App, NO SIGN-IN is required. You can enjoy over 200 on-demand classes and view our 3 daily scheduled classes.
  • If you visit PURE Online from your desktop/laptop, you must sign in through the website with your current PURE360 App’s User ID and Password. NO EXTRA SIGN-UP is required. Please note that the action will need you to sign in again if you wish to visit our physical locations or book in-club classes.
  • For Country of Club Access:
    1. If you are a Hong Kong Club Cardholder, please choose Hong Kong.
    2. If you are a Singapore Club Cardholder, please choose Singapore.
What is PURE Online?

PURE Online is a bilingual English and Chinese-based online streaming platform to foster a healthy global fitness community. Access the comprehensive range of content available – from classes to series in varied styles, levels, and durations.

We believe in the power of exercise to help people lead happier, healthier, more balanced lives. For those who travel, live, or work afar from a yoga studio or fitness club or don’t have sufficient time to attend a physical class, PURE Online is the solution to adopt consistent practice with an inviting community of wellness enthusiasts. From beginners starting their journey to experienced practitioners mastering their skills, PURE Online is your virtual fitness hub that can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

What does PURE Online Subscription include?

PURE Online Subscription offers free entry to 21 scheduled classes weekly so that you can make exercise a growing habit! It also grants you unlimited access to hundreds of On Demand classes, including yoga, fitness and nutrition. Extend your PURE experience online with a diverse range of content for everyone, everywhere.

Will teacher and users in scheduled class see each other during the class?

The teacher and users will not have live interactions during the session.

What types of classes are available?

We offer a wide range of classes across 15 styles in yoga, fitness and nutrition. There’s always something new to explore that caters to your needs. PURE Online features many of PURE’s most esteemed teachers, offering classes and series in varied styles, levels and languages.

Do I need any equipment to get started?

All PURE Online classes are catered to the digital-first experience with minimum equipment required. Some basic props would be of assistance, such as a mat, yoga blocks, and weights, depending on the nature of the class.

How much does PURE Online cost?

PURE Online is free for all active PURE Cardholders for its general service. For non-Cardholders, there are 3 types of online subscription packages:

  • Annual subscription: HKD768/USD98/SGD140
  • 6-month subscription: HKD428/USD55/SGD78
  • 1-month subscription: HKD78/USD10/SGD15

AI Premium is an additional add on paid service for PURE Cardholders and all the PURE Online Subscribers.

  • AI Premium monthly subscription: HKD38/USD5/SGD6.5
Does PURE Online offer a free trial?

Yes, PURE Online offers all users a free trial until 31 Jan 2023.

Do I have free access if I'm already a PURE Cardholder?

PURE Online is free for all active PURE Cardholders for its general service. Additional charges will be applied for Premium services effective from Feb 2023 onwards. Details will be announced accordingly.

Can I only sign up for PURE Online and not become a PURE Cardholder?

Yes, you can sign up via the PURE Online website, and you are not required to become a PURE Cardholder.

Can I pay for single classes and not commit to a subscription?

No, PURE Online does not offer single-class payments. Instead, PURE Online offers 1-month, 6-month or one-year subscriptions.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can always cancel your subscription at managing subscription and click on the cancel button.