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Honey Wang

Honey Wang

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Honey was exposed to yoga during his time at university. He was intrigued by the teacher's gentle and delicate teaching approach. After his initial experience, he decided to embark on this yoga journey. His growing passion has motivated him to travel to Beijing to study yoga and train during his junior year. In the same year, he began to teach Yoga in Beijing. In the following three years, he continued to learn and study from different teachers and attend various classes. Honey has practised Ashtanga and Flow for a long time. He believes that the yoga practice is not only about external asanas but also about internal concentration and control. Honey hopes to help others through what he has learned and felt. His calling is to help students improve and constantly create personal breakthroughs. His students and supporters applaud his gentle approach to teaching paired with technical knowledge. Honey believes life is impermanent, and yoga helps bring consciousness into daily life. The "stability" and "comfort" mentioned in the scriptures of Yoga Sutra should not only exist in asanas but also through breathing and consciousness. Asanas are made through the body, but they are for the mind. In the classroom, Honey guides students to observe their bodies and be aware of their breathing to recognise themselves from different angles for self-transformation and growth. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • Inside Flow Teacher Training Certificate, 2022 • Handstand Workshop, 2021 • Mat Pilates Training, 2021 • 100-Hour Ashtanga Teacher Training, 2021 • 200-Hour Rocket Flow Yoga Teacher Certification, 2020 • 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification, 2019