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Kevin Kong

Kevin Kong

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


It is yoga that makes Kevin understand what a meaningful life is. As some wise person once said, everyone grows up in their own time. Before learning about yoga, Kevin followed his family's wishes every step of the way and took on jobs that he didn’t like, not quite knowing what he wanted to do at that time. This was probably his period of confusion that most youths go through – until he was exposed to yoga in 2017. Both the mystery of yoga and the physical changes it instilled during practice make Kevin understand that love can really endure. In his classes, Kevin guides his students to be aware of how they feel in body and breath whilst practising asana. When their thoughts settle, the mind-body connection is enhanced as is the body’s sensory perception – all of which lead to a more stable posture and greater inner peace. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS: • 260-Hour Ashtanga Certification, 2018-2021 • National Yoga League E-RYT200 Certification, 2020 • National Yoga Federation RYT-500 Certification, 2019 • 200-Hour Rocket Flow Yoga Certification, 2019 • 100-Hour Stream Yoga Certification, 2018 • 70-Hour Yin Yoga Certification, 2018 • 150-Hour Yoga Physiotherapy I-III (Skeletal Muscle System, Female System, Comprehensive Disease System) Certification, 2018 • 75-Hour Maternity Yoga Certification, 2018 What Kevin teaches • Ashtanga • Hatha • Hot • Rocket Yoga • Vinyasa • Yin