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Rae Zhu

Rae Zhu

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Growing up, Rae’s family resembled something out of an old wartime film with a military personnel father and a high school teacher mother. Raised in this scholarly environment, Rae was a rigorous student of life. This drive resulted in numerous achievements, such as getting 10 U.S college offers with no ed-agency help, having a busy career in 4A & PR companies, and passing the CFA level I exam with no prior financial knowledge. In college, Rae double-majored in Psychology and Dance. She soon realised that Yoga is the perfect combination of both these interests. As a college student in 2013, Rae finished her Yoga Alliance teacher training in Ohio, U.S. and immediately started teaching at local studios. However, this high achiever philosophy also led her to issues of body image and depression. In the most challenging times, it was Yoga and Dancing that gave her the courage to get up in the morning. And along with her daily practice, her faith in overcoming these issues grew stronger day by day. When working as the foreign-project producer for a major online Yoga platform, Rae had the opportunity to work alongside many great Yoga teachers – Dario Calvaruso, Sebastian & Murielle Pucelle, Twee Merrigan, Andy Willner, Tymi Howard. Their inspiring work eventually encouraged Rae to take the leap and become a full-time Yoga teacher. Local teacher Liu Xiang also greatly influenced Rae’s asana practice. As a certified medical interpreter, Rae worked for the Department of Public Health of Ohio State and New York State, U.S. This experience deepened her understanding of the human body. Combining her knowledge of Psychology and Physiology, Rae’s teaching often focuses on mindfulness: building strong muscle-mind connection and awareness, thereby creating more possibilities in asana practice. She enjoys teaching challenging Power Vinyasa sequences as well as Yin and gentle practices. Because now she truly appreciates a more balanced way of life that comprises ease and enjoyment in every breath. Qualifications and Certifications • Handstand Workshop with Garth Hewitt, Beijing, 2018 • Pranayama Workshop with Lalit, Beijing, 2018 • Pacific Medical Interpreter Certification, Pacific Interpreters, USA, 2015 • Suicide Prevention Advocate and Peer Educator, The Ohio State University, USA, 2015 • Interpretation and translation for 20+ yoga teachers, workshop/master class/online course/Yoga Conference, China, 2014 – present • 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, Yoga on High, USA, 2013